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  • From: Serena Sandstrom, Success Coach for Coaches, Consultants, Healers and Creatives

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Do you dream of being able to truly own your worth, attract and enroll more high quality clients and  make great money from your coaching, consulting or creative business?

Do you know that you're running a great business or have a great business idea, but you need help with the actual business and client attraction strategy, with really connecting with your dream clients and actually enrolling more clients to your programs and packages?

Are you fed up of spinning in your wheels and not able to monetise your passion so that you too can be living your dream lifestyle? 

Let me show you how you too can become a dynamic, fearless and highly-productive leader for your coaching or consulting business and easily attract and enroll your dream clients using the right business and marketing structures, authentic selling skills and by cultivating wealth consciousness.

My private coaching work takes care of YOU and your BUSINESS. You'll move from stuck, overwhelmed, busy with no boundaries yet not enough clients, to having real clarity for your business and being focussed and productive with a waitlist of dream clients.

As a result of working with me you'll be able to build your business fast and sustainably (no more breakdowns and yo-yo results), so that you get to reap all of the rewards of running your own dream coaching or consulting business:

    • We'll get you a crystal clear vision for your business and an action plan unique for your business and life
    • We'll bust through all your inner limits and self sabotage (using NLP and Meta Dynamics™) so that you'll actually put your plan into action (get ready to say farewell to procrastination)
    • We'll get you getting paid what you're worth, feeling great about making money and overcoming all your un-resourceful money beliefs
    • We'll get you attracting quality clients and customers who really want to work with you.
    • We'll get you conducting sales conversation with confidence and ease - sales conversations that covert
    • We'll get you raising your fees in the right way
    • We'll stop your inner bitch from running the show and enter YOU as the powerful, fearless leader for your business
    • We'll get you working effectively and with strong boundaries so that it saves you time and gives you more time for the things that you love outside of your work
    • You'll learn advanced coaching skills so you'll never be stuck with a 'diffucult' client or not knowing how to help them

    If you're a woman who desires to run a thriving mission-led business with a strong YOU as the heart of your business as well as the best external marketing and business structures in place to take care of your business, then I invite you to book a time in my schedule to explore things further. 

    Here's what some of my clients have to say:

    "I have made major shifts since coaching with Serena, its been a God's sent! Through setting boundaries I now have the ability to say 'no' when needed, without a feeling of guilt attached....this has made a huge difference in scheduling my week, putting the priorities first, those things that will help me reach my goals quicker.  I've gone from thinking I had to 'manage' my team to 'Leading' my team. As a result I have brought so many amazing leaders to my organisation who are moving forward and growing quicker as a result. One of the toughest struggles that I had in my business was really not believing that I could ever become an inspirational leader in my organisation. I have grown so much and my belief in myself is so strong that NO ONE can put a dent in my certainty. As a result I love my business more than ever! Talking about my business is becoming more effortless...this was a HUGE setback for me for many years and Serena and I have done a lot of work to help me through this fear. I now go out with excitement and so curious to who I'll meet to share this wonderful opportunity with and I have also put the right value on my business and myself and now see that I have been a blessing to their lives as much as what they are to mine. My entire organisation has grown and we consistently have had a 15-20% increase every month in both sponsoring and sales. My cheque is growing month on month and I am on target to reach my goals that Serena and I have put in place by the deadline dates." - Keti Whitmee, Arbonne

    "When you actually take the time to invest in yourself and focus on what you want you'll be surprised at what can surface. Serena helped me with my biggest challenge to date, setting up my own business. This was overwhelming but with new clarity and simple methods I'm now feeling amazing, positive, able and have a structure that keeps me accountable. Thank you so much Serena, I loved every second". - Gee Jajodia,

    "I experienced Serena’s gift of helping me help myself.  I now find myself fully energised, attracting new clients and consultants to join my team.  I find it  easy to have conversations with prospects in an authentic and comfortable way.  My confidence levels have increased so much that I decided to leave the corporate world for good and am successfully balancing family life with my Arbonne business.   I am now living my dream, I am living in the moment, I am imagining and creating a magnificent future for me and my precious family.  If you are seeking self-improvement to help you realise your full potential and are prepared to be true to yourself and embrace the journey, Serena will help you achieve this." - Gina Bernard Tambasco, Arbonne

    "Serena, working with you as my Business Coach for Style Angel over the last 3 months has turned my styling business around completely! I am beyond excited to launch my first Style Angel book tomorrow as I am setting myself up to work with Personal Styling Clients all over the world. You have broadened my horizon so much and you have asked the hard questions. Thank You!!" - Angela Barbagallo,

    "Since working with Serena I've experienced monumental shifts and pushed myself out of my comfort zone much more than I thought I was capable of doing. I won't forget the way Serena challenged me in our first session when I was paralysed with fear about resigning from my corporate job. Serena knows the right questions to ask (or buttons to push!) and is a fantastic mix of being the straight-up firm coach who will challenge you to stretch yourself, yet is equally balanced with being able to bring the right level of support, compassion and understanding to help with navigating change plagued by fear and self-doubt." - Rachel Gadiel,

    Serena provides incredible coaching work. From the reaisations to the actionable items we'd end every session with, our work together has been key in helping me transition to the next level in my life and launch my vocal coaching business and website. Serena gets right to the core of what's holding you back. I feel greater sense of ease in my life as well as much more confidence in building my business. - Nadia Hosko,

    So let’s cut to the chase here.

    You’re truly passionate about your business or business idea. You KNOW you're destined to run this business and lead it's mission and you're prepared to do what it takes.  

    And the idea of making money, TONS OF MONEY, while doing what you love to do while simultaneously taking care of others, fills you with a sense of calling and excitement that makes your heart burst with excitement.

    But it just feels too good to be true right now.

    And you’ve had enough of trying to figure it out on your own.

    And you're not sure how the other successful women entrepreneurs got over their fear and self doubt and how they continue to manage their upper-level problems as they expand their business. And what about all the business structures and actually making a profit? 

    And you’re starting to doubt whether you can become like your heroines after all. Whether you’ll ever be able to realise your dreams and live a life that’s filled with freedom, balance, success, wealth and happiness.

    But you know that running your own coaching, consulting or creative business and the freedom and lifestyle it gives you, while giving to others, is your calling.

    Because want to be let in for the key to abundance and wealth? 

    When you take care of other people’s dreams, your own dreams get taken care of. Your dreams of freedom, choice, time, money, adventure and most of all the deep inner feeling of living a life that’s aligned with what you stand for, who you really truly are. The knowledge that what you do every day is your choice and that you’re doing it from deep within your soul, while making a difference in the world.

    And that's why I want you to know that not only is it your truest self-expression, but that its absolutely possible for you to make a great living from your dream business.


    I can help you get there same as I have helped tens of my private clients before you. 

    Because I’ve been exactly where you are right now. I’ve felt the overwhelm and self-doubt that came with building my own coaching business and navigating sales conversations and client boundaries. Not knowing what to charge and how to ask for money. And how to find those clients that I wanted to work with. And it sucked. Luckily I had my coach right by me and I'm proud to say that becuse of this I never lost more than a days until I was back in the game. 

    Now I've made it my life’s mission to help other women turn this stuff around. I help my private coaching clients with both the inner work and outer structures that are required to attract more of your dream clients, to get paid your worth and build a thriving and sustainable coaching or consulting business.

    My private clients get ALL the invaluable experience, knowledge, tools and strategies that I used to build my dream business and the foundational inner work that MUST be done. And I've done this fast. I've delivered over 500 coaching hours in just over a year. I don’t say this to impress you, but to press upon you how big of an impact working with a skilled personal coach dedicated to your business makes.

    But let me tell it as it is. 

    Our journey together, our work ahead, requires commitment and passionate work. When you invest in working with me I play full out and I expect that of you in return. Our work is going to stretch you, expand you and nourish you in equal measures.

    But if the idea of finally cracking the code to your business success excites the hell out of you right now and if you’re even feeling a little afraid of the possibilities that await you as you take the right action, then you’re exactly the type of woman I love to work with.

    And I invite you to apply for a private Strategy Session with me over Skype, anywhere in the world.

    These sessions are only for women who have made the decision to honour their calling and are dedicated to their success and dream lifestyle. I only work with women who appreciate the value of investing in themselves and their business. Women who know that they, and their dreams and goals, are worth it. 

    If you’re you're ready to take the next step towards bringing your desires to life and to find out more, then I invite you to apply for a FREE Strategy Session with me.

    With much Love,



    Yes Serena - I'm ready to fast track my results!